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Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, Richmond VA

Professional Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaners

describe the imageNot all Williamsburg and Richmond carpet cleaning companies are the same. Chem-Dry of Richmond stands apart from the crowd of carpet cleaners by offering highly effective green cleaning technology, truly professional cleaning services and a reputation for customer service that is second to none.

All of our carpet cleaning service appointments include Chem-Dry of Richmond’s exclusive Healthy Home Assurance process; a ten point quality assurance system that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, just like the thousands of happy customers that we have serviced in over twenty years.

Our patented cleaning methods really do get your home carpets and rugs back to looking like they did when you first got them. Imagine yourself with a brighter, cleaner, and more sanitary home that smells great, with reduced allergens. Discover how a healthy indoor environment can positively affect the lives of you and your loved ones in more ways that you think by trying our professional cleaning services.

Many of Virginia’s most seasoned carpet retailers, interior designers and realtors refer our carpet cleaning services exclusively. Our clearly uniformed and credentialed technicians treat your home, family and pets with the highest degree of courtesy and care. And our professional carpet cleaning method uses the Power Of Carbonation to get your carpets clean.

For the best carpet cleaning in Richmond VA, Williamsburg, and throughout Central Virginia, trust Chem-Dry. Our technicians are fast responding and can be in and out of your home before you know it, leaving behind brilliantly clean carpeting and rugs.

Contact us today to put our professional carpet cleaning services to work for you.

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